Colors Change

Green Balloon
Tank and the Bangas
Colors Change
Was I too much or too tough for thinking that everything I did was simply not enough?
Was I supposed to tell you that I'm wrong?
Or there’s certain things that you should've known?
Doesn't winter turn to spring?
Don’t you see colors changing things?
You say I say too much (Ooh)
You say my leaves ain't green enough (Ooh)
You say you can't take that I've changed
Weren't you supposed to do the same?

Was I different or missing the faces that drew you to me?
Too naive for such things, make believe I don't see
How long can I be so green?
No forest, just trees
Floating that free

You say I say too much (Ooh)
You say my leaves ain't green enough (Ooh)
You say you can't take that I’ve changed
Weren’t you supposed to do the same? (Ooh, ooh)

I'm not some island
You didn’t discover me, you know
Weren't I on purpose? Weren't I?
Wasn't I waterfall for desert mouth?
Wasn’t I Plymouth Rock?
All of the sudden I'm too hard for you
I've suddenly become arithmetic
Too much magic and math to watch for too long
Do I bore you with tired eyes?
Am I grass growing too slow for you?
How did I manage to become such a heel for you?
Something to look out for?
Am I a slippery slope?
A stop sign in the garden of your Eden or Eve
That wasn't naive as you'd like to have seen
Or did my ocean consume you?
Did my waves not behave?
How did I taste to you once you knew that his mouth was there too?
Too much to swallow, I see
Did I confuse you?
At how easy his breeze lifted my hair?
And your heat wet my neck? Yes
Did I confuse you at how I could be a sea for you and land for him?
I was both of these women, I am, I is
I am swamp water and ocean tree
Coconut water and mint leaves
Healer and hurricane, spit and shoot
Too fast food for you
Too ready, too weighted
Too window open
Too side door swingin'
Too woman?